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Behavioural Difficulties

Behavioural Difficulties again covers a wide range of conditions but include:

Bullying or being bullied
Difficulty in relating to adults
Difficulties in Concentration
Disruptive behaviour
Lack of Motivation
Sleep problems
Toilet training Problems

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A psychologist can help identify what are the most important problems, what causes them and advise as to the best forms of treatment or intervention.
Whist the behaviour difficulties may look similar in different children the cause is often very different and particular to hat young person.
The problems may be the result of difficulties within the child, an emotional problem perhaps made worse by a traumatic event within the family, such as the death of a loved one or the break up of the family unit.
These events are unfortunately very common and therefore are two of the most commonly diagnosed reasons for behavioural and emotional problems within the school environment.
Many children, if presented with the break up of the family unit through divorce or separation, see all adults as being untrustworthy or unreliable and therefore build emotional barriers to prevent themselves from being hurt in the same way. These barriers then manifest themselves in an inability to learn - or to want to learn - and subsequently a break down in their own education.

In many instances of bullying it has been documented that the reason the child has become a bully is in order for he or she to project their will and authority onto others around them when they cannot at home.
Psychologists are also help with ways in which such children can be educated and means by which to encourage them to work. They can also work in conjunction with Learning Mentors who may spend time with these children on a one-to-one basis in order to help them regain lost ground or to help build up their confidence in dealing with adults.

How can help

If your child is having difficulty with behaviours or emotions then we can help. It does not matter if the problems are at home or at school.
It may be that you feel that school is not providing enough support. If so, then a professional assessment may help you in discussing matters with your child’s teacher, head teacher or Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO).
You may just want some help and advice at home without having to tell school.
As the opinion is independent you can be assured that the focus is upon your child’s best interests.

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