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VIG (Video Interaction Guidance) uses video to help you to understand and improve communication with your child.
It’s a way of looking at video clips of people interacting that supports an understanding of communication and provides a process for building skills

How will it help?
It only looks at things you are doing well.It helps you to recognise your strengths and discover new skills.It helps you to understand the part you play in building your relationship with your child.It helps you do more of the things you are doing well.It helps reduce stress and raise self confidence.
The VIG sessions can indicate how your child is developing in his/her relationship with you, and how he/she can manage his own emotions. If there are difficulties in these areas we can plan with you if you would like extra support.

How does it work
A short video is taken (about 10 minutes) of you with your child.
The person working with you will then have a look at the video to choose clips which show good moments.They will then look at the clips with you on another day. In this ‘feedback’ session you will discuss what you think about the clips.You may have a number of video and feedback sessions.

Where does VIG come from?
The model has been developed in Holland over the past 20 years. The project is sponsored by the Dutch Government aimed at helping adults to communicate effectively with children
The theoretical base to the model was provided by Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, based at Edinburgh University. He picked out the successful components of mother baby interactions and these have become the corner stone to the approach and are referred to as “The Contact Principles”

How can help

If you want to improve your communication with your child, or if you want to strengthen the bond and attachment between you, then VIG may be able to help.
Contact John Kermode for a discussion without obligation to help decide if it is the right thing for you, your child and your family.
As the opinion is independent you can be assured that the focus is upon your child’s best interests.


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