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Facilitation is the skills used in business and organisational meetings to ensure the designing and running of successful meetings.

it is, particularly used to help deal with the most difficult, contentious matters and to help a group find solutions to problems that have bogged it down.

It is about helping a group have a productive and successful meeting

It serves the needs of any group who are meeting with a common purpose, whether it be making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information. It does not lead the group but helps it to define the tasks and directions in the light of the present challenges

How Ltd can help.

We can provide the services of John Kermode who is a very experienced senior manager, professional psychologist and an experienced facilitator and mediator.

  1. John will work with you to understand the purpose and outcome of the meeting you would like his help with.
  2. He will help you make arrangements for the meeting, considering in detail the location and layout of the room.
  3. He will research the meeting beforehand to understand why it is being held and help you to ensure that all stakeholders are invited and able to attend.
  4. He will help you set an agenda and plan how each agenda item is to be tackled and how long it should take.
  5. He will allow participants to understand all the issues at stake and all alternative courses of action.
  6. From his background in management and psychology he is able to understand group norms and behaviour and will adapt to the ways of different cultures of your organisation.
  7. He has a very good understanding of group dynamics Whilst tackling the practical aspects of a meeting he will remain aware of undercurrents, both verbal and non-verbal, which may indicate problems the group is having. He will try to assist the group in becoming aware of these.
  8. He will agree with you the outcomes to be worked towards and how the outcomes will be recorded and presented to you.

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