Skilled and Professional Services for real people

Training Ltd offers a range of trading to meeting individual group or staff needs.

Telephone 07624 493109 or Email for a discussion as to how we can provide training tailored to your needs.

The following is a selection of the range of training available:

Communication Skills
Derbyshire Language Scheme

Behavioural Approaches with Children and Adults

Griffiths Mental Development Scales

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Training for Trainers

Dealing with Difficult People
Organisation Development

A large range of Structured Group experiences including:


Self Disclosure
Feelings Awareness

Values Clarification Life and Career Planning
Interpersonal Trust
Sexual Awareness

Listening Skills
Group Processes
Leadership- Membership Power
Leadership- Membership Styles
Group Task Behaviour
Problem Solving and Awareness
Generating Alternatives

Group Feedback
Competition and Collaboration
Conflict Resolution
Consensus. Synergy
Organisational Awareness

Team Building
Decision Making Action Planing
Conflict Resolution
Consultation Skills
Getting acquainted
Forming Subgroups
Dealing With Blocks to learning
building Trust
Building Norms of Openness
Evaluation Learning Group Process
Developing Group Facilitation Skills

Contact us, with obligation, for how we could meet some of your training needs.


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