Family Work:

When problems arise the question parents as is “Are we to blame?”
John Donne said “
No man is an island”.

It is really hard to see a child’s difficulties in isolation and outside of the context of the family.
As a parent, the way I behave has an effect on others in the family. The way my child behaves affects me and I will change the way I behave.
PIC 13

How can help

If you or your child is having difficulty then a session with a practitioner psychologist may help you decide upon a way forward, gain perspective and help you all to accept, change, adapt and love.
Work with you can focus on the effects on the children, and help resolve friction .

John Kermode can help you with advice or by working with children. The focus will be on the development of emotional skills such as seeking emotional support,  talking at the emotional level and conflict resolution.
  • We can help you understand and manage the problems of adolescence.
  • We can work with the adults to develop communication skills and better communication between couples.